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  • Active Recovery - Discussion with ROCovery Fitness

    This recording came from a talk VM founder Jeff Hoffman had with Jonathan Westfall the current Interim Executive Director of ROCovery Fitness a supportive community of physically active individuals brought together by sober living, committed to creating an environment of healing and recovery. It’s a place where members, friends and families are empowered to discover their inner strength and confidence through adventure, fun and camaraderie.
  • A discussion on addiction and recovery

    In this week’s episode, Jeff Hoffman sits down with Craig Johnson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor - LMHC, CASAC-G - Highly experienced, specializing in life transitions, substance use, anxiety, depression, criminal justice involvement for a discussion on addiction and recovery.
  • How does the Visible Man chat work? Listen to find out!

    Tracy Poizner of The Essential Stepmom interviewed me and Jack Rollins about the Visible Man Discord Server. How anonymous is it really? Are women welcome? How do I join? Listen to find out!
  • A Discussion with a Male Sexual Abuse Survivor

    In this week’s episode, Jeff Hoffman sits down with Tom Andriola a child sex abuse survivor and advocate to discuss the difficulties many survivors face. Because of the content of this episode, we suggest you keep it away from sensitive ears. Some parts may be triggering for some listeners as well.
  • The Messy Problem of Race and Mental Health

    The topic of Men’s Mental Health has always been a touchy one, after all, that’s one of the major reasons Visible Man was created, but when you factor in race, things get even more complicated. That’s why during black history month, the founder of Visible Man, Jeffrey Hoffman sat down virtually with Dr. Marcus Burrell to who opened all of our eyes while they discussed the messy problem of race and mental health. This show is for entertainment purposes only. When dealing with issues of mental health, please seek the advice of a medical professional.
  • Visible Man podcast: Sexual abuse 101

    In this episode founder of Visible Man, Jeffrey Hoffman sits down “virtually” with Deb Rosen from the Bivona Child Advocacy Center in New York. Because of the nature of the conversation, we suggest you listen with headphones or away from little ears. And as always, the discussion is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Remember, local laws vary greatly so when seeking out information, make sure to contact a child advocacy center or law enforcement in your own area for more information. Links: Bivona Child Advocacy Center:


  • Visible Man: Divorce and Mediation Q & A

    Visible Man talks with Renee Lapoint at The Mediation Center about men's experiences going through divorce, the social stigma around men's mental health, and the mediation process in general.
  • Visible Man on The Essential Stepmom podcast

    Visible Man speaks with Tracy Poizner of The Essential Stepmom about men's mental health and post-divorce parenting.
  • How to be a Visible Man - Podcast with f_divorce

    Listen in to the f_divorce podcast (featuring me) with Jack Rollins, as we discuss divorce, growth, and becoming 100% yourself.
  • Surviving Divorce - A Male Perspective

    Getting divorced sucks. Being divorced is great.
  • Mental Health Resources in Rochester, NY

    Visible Man is part of the Monroe County (New York) Partners for Suicide Prevention Coalition (P4SP). Please use these resources that we've identified in our community. Want Visible Man in your city? Send us an email!
  • What prompted me to create Visible Man?

    At 35 years old, I wanted to kill myself or at least I looked forward to dying as soon as possible. I went so far as to look up the life expectancy...