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  • How to be a Visible Man - Podcast with f_divorce

    Listen in to the f_divorce podcast (featuring me) with Jack Rollins, as we discuss divorce, growth, and becoming 100% yourself.
  • Surviving Divorce - A Male Perspective

    Getting divorced sucks. Being divorced is great.
  • Mental Health Resources in Rochester, NY

    Visible Man is part of the Monroe County (New York) Partners for Suicide Prevention Coalition (P4SP). Please use these resources that we've identified in our community. Want Visible Man in your city? Send us an email!
  • What prompted me to create Visible Man?

    At 35 years old, I wanted to kill myself or at least I looked forward to dying as soon as possible. I went so far as to look up the life expectancy...
  • Discussion with Hlokomelang Rakojoana!

    Hlokomelang and I discuss men's mental health and the challenges of being strong, vulnerable men.
  • Outside Yourself: Podcast with Calvin Eaton of 540WMain

    Calvin Eaton of 540 West Main and I had a great conversation about staying connected and well during this time of social distancing. Tune in as you clean the dishes for the 5th time, go on an outing from the living room to the porch, or binge watch nature sounds on YouTube! .

    Guess what? We're gonna start doing live chats with call-ins, so stay tuned!
  • Covid-19, social isolation, and a looming uptick in suicide

    The Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to cause ripple effects in suicide rates that we should begin to address today.
  • Podcast with Calvin Eaton from Morethanisms

    Visible Man on Calvin Eaton's Podcast!
  • Depression Is Not A Sign Of Weakness in Men

    It's OKAY, we all get overwhelmed to a point of depression!

  • Tell me about these Visible Men ..And women?

    It turns out more than just men care about men's mental health. Although Visible Man is still new, there's enough interest that we wanted to examin...
  • What's Killing America's Men?

    The final beat of a man's heart starts a lifetime of grieving for those left behind. And when a man dies by suicide it is sudden, often violent, an...
  • Vulnerability

    Vulnerability - It's terrifying. This is me. It's about as vulnerable as I can get. And yes that's a snake.Putting yourself out there takes balls. ...